• Laminate Flooring

  • Why Choose Laminate Flooring?

    Laminate flooring from Coyte Carpets in Burton on Trent will be one of your home's key features, setting the tone, style and feel for your family and your visitors. A good quality laminate floor, fitted professionally, will provide luxurious comfort underfoot, many years durability, and eye-catching, aesthetic appeal to your home.

    Some of the key benefits of laminate flooring are:

    • Great Value For Money. A beautiful alternative to more expensive hardwood floors, laminate flooring is more resistant to fading and scratches, does not require special treatment or maintenance.
    • Easy to Fit. Whilst we recommend we fit your laminate flooring professionally for you, many people find DIY fitting an economical and satisfying alternative.
    • Easy Maintenance. There is no need for special polishes, waxes or other regular maintenance other than normal cleaning, leaving you free to enjoy your home.
    • Brilliant for Allergy Sufferers. Laminate flooring is highly liquid resistant so doesn't absorb and is also free from carpet fibres. It is cleaning and disinfected quickly and easily. Perfect for pet owners too!
    • Massive Choice. there is hardly any limit to the colours, textures and quality you can choose from so you will be spolit for choice. Our expert advisers will help you choose the right laminate flooring from our extensive range in our Burton on Trent showroom. We supply some of the best laminate flooring brands such as...
  • A Few Laminate Flooring Examples from Our Range.

  • Images courtesy of Quick Step.